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Time To Lead: Steps to Transformation of You and Those You Lead 

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Our nation of the United States is under testing. Other nations have similar challenges. There is nothin g new about the tests before us. Trials come in waves over the centuries. Equality is always questioned by some group and requires a constant adjustment as a nation of ever new citizens grows. Racial barriers rise in differing manners, but they will never totally subside. Poverty will always be with us and require constant adjustment to address. Distribution of wealth through taxation and business legal edicts will never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Governance issues of when and how much to restrict use of common resources and contain greed through legislative restraint remain.10171285_596401310452747_1907096240_n

How we act today as states and nations leaves the next generation a different set of symptoms of problems than ours, but the same issues at the core. Leadership 1978803_596401337119411_819274839_ncannot rest once an issue is significantly addressed. Leadership is required for continuance of peace and community stability and economic prosperity.


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